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Lyrics Born I Like It I Love It Grant Phabao Remix

Lyrics Born - I Like It, I Love It (Grant Phabao Remix)

When Berkeley hip hop meets Jamaican reggae... The french dubmeister Grant Phabao offers here a bouncy reggae rework of I Like It, I Love It, taken from last year's hit album Everywhere At Once (released on Quannum/ANTI). It's kind of a cousin of the N.A.S.A. remix he did earlier this year (featuring David Byrne and Chuck D.!) - all party-style with its rolling drum breaks and hookish chorus-like lyrics all along! A certified floor filler already tested and approved by fellow DJ Erik Rug at is famous WaxGroove nights.

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Jurassic 5 Gotta Understand Grant Phabao Remix

Jurassic 5 - Gotta Understand (Grant Phabao Remix)

When L.A. hip hop meets Jamaican reggae... Heavyweight goodies keep on flowing on Paris DJs all summer long!! Boosting each other, both Doctor L and Grant Phabao are currently delivering an exclusive track every week - let's hope they'll maintain this creative and productive rhyhtm for a long time... The french dubmeister practices his chops here with a Jurassic 5 a capella taken from their latest album Feedback (from 2006 on Interscope), dressed with bubbling dub sounds, chugging reggae beats and soulful horn riffs. A perfect mixture of deep and funky, for heavy lounging!

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Michael Jackson Rockin Robin Grant Phabao Remix

Michael Jackson - Rockin' Robin (Grant Phabao Remix)

Rockin' Robin is a 1958 song by Bobby Day. The single was Day's only hit single, becoming a No. 2 Billboard Hot 100 hit. The song was covered by The Hollies on their first album in 1964 and would be revived as a single again in 1972 by the teenaged Michael Jackson as his second single release on Motown. Jackson took his version to number two on the U.S. pop singles chart that year. The french dubmeister Grant Phabao pays here his due tribute to the king of pop, with a reggae remix of this pop/R&B cover of a fifties song - rockin' the dancehall and burnin' one for the man!

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Erykah Badu Soldier Grant Phabao Remix

Erykah Badu - Soldier (Grant Phabao remix)

Q-Tip got the exclusive Grant Phabao treatment twice and we didn't want Erykah Badu (one of the most wonderful American voices of our time) to be jealous, so here's a second reggae take on a track from the New AmErykah Part.1 album. As usual, our friend and neighbour Erik Rug tells us he successfully tested the track on the floor and 100% supports the roots Jamaican vibe coupled with the heavy boombastic production skills from the french dubmeister.

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Big Daddy Kane Grant Phabao Remix

Big Daddy Kane - Give A Demonstration Part.2 (Grant Phabao Remix)

Iin 2004, Connie Price & the Keystones joined forces with Big Daddy Kane in 2007 for an exclusive 12-inch in the Scion A/V series, revisiting the classic Big Daddy Kane track Give A Demonstration with new vocals from the smooth operator himself, over some heavy badass funk. Here's an exclusive new rework of this rare track, taylored-dressed into party-skanking reggae by our french dubmeister Grant Phabao. A smashing hit, again!? What do YOU think?

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Baby Charles Grant Phabao Remix

Baby Charles - Hardman To Please (Grant Phabao Remix)

"Simultaneously tight but loose, heavy but soulful and dirty..." Baby Charles' funky music is indeed beautiful and thanks to Nick @ Record Kicks we're proud to present this soulful ska dressing of Hardman to Please by the french dubmeister, Grant Phabao! Baby Charles are currently in the studio recording the new album which is expected for March 2010. They plan to blast everyone out of this cosmos with a whole bunch of new killer songs. We hope there will be another song to reggae-remix in there so that a nice Baby Charles reggae 45 might be pressed in the future...

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N.A.S.A. Grant Phabao Remix

N.A.S.A. - Money feat. David Byrne, Chuck D, Ras Congo, Seu Jorge & Z-Trip (Grant Phabao Remix)

The mighty Grant Phabao, who's all about bringing back the original King Tubby sound with a modern twist, injects some perfect-for-a-Friday irie type of vibes into N.A.S.A.'s Money feat. David Byrne, Chuck D, Ras Congo, Seu Jorge & Z-Trip. In doing so, the dub master successfully turns this big big choon into a laid back, smooth grooving 100% Reggae Jam. Enjoy! (knewjack on Squeak E Clean's blog)

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The Herbaliser Cant Help This Feeling Grant Phabao Remix

The Herbaliser - Can't Help This Feeling (Grant Phabao Remix)

Thanks to our resident DJ Soulist who booked The Herbaliser recently at La Maroquinerie in Paris, I had the chance to meet Ollie Teeba in the backstage and tell him about an upcoming reggae remix of Can't Help This Feeling that we were preparing for the Paris DJs virtual releases collection. He was really enthousiastic about it, saying the track could really work well in reggae mode and giving us his benediction... So here's the finished thing, with rumbling horns and skanking hooks, taylor-fit for all shaking dancefloors - another Grant Phabao instant hit!.. but I guess you're used to that kind of standard now. (Djouls)

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Q-Tip Getting Up Grant Phabao Remix

Q-Tip - Getting Up (Grant Phabao Remix)

Readers following this blog don't need a presentation for Q-Tip. We introduced the man a few weeks ago with the Grant Phabao remix of his "Work It Out" single and are more than proud to offer here this brand new remix, taking the former A Tribe Called Quest rapper into deep and skanking reggae territories.Already suported by Rob Luis (Tru Thoughts) and Erik Rug (Les Disques du Telegraphe), this remix is one you shouldn't pass on!

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Cee-Lo vs Grant Phabao

Cee-Lo vs Grant Phabao - The One (Booty Smash Soundsystem Remix)

An EXCLUSIVE bootie of Cee-Lo's "The One" (of Gnarls Barkley fame - check our Cee-Lo mix) acapella over a Grant Phabao reggae instrumental. This has been sent to us through the p2p from the Booty Smash Soundsystem, who wish to keep their identity under wraps... They made the track available on a limited edition 7 inch pressed at 100 copies, instantly selling out, on Woo Roots Records.

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Roots Manuva vs Serge Gainsbourg

Roots Manuva vs Serge Gainsbourg - Requiem For A Witness

We played this bootleg so many times at parties (to the dancers' delight), that we decided to fully remaster the thing and share it with everyone. We took the instrumental version of 'Requiem Pour Un Con' from Serge Gainsbourg, and tweaked it with the a capella from Roots Manuva's 'Witness'. The resulting track is driven by its fat and funky groove, erupting with a peculiar, sophisticated sense of rythm and harmonics. For those who haven't heard this bootleg yet, just expect the unexpected!

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Beenie Man Dude Grant Phabao Remix

Beenie Man & Ms. Thing - Dude (Grant Phabao Remix)

Grant Phabao reworks "Dude", Beenie Man & Ms. Thing's dancehall hit from 2003, into uptempo reggae with deep skanks. Erik Rug's been playing this one for more than a year at the WaxGroove party - "Typically the kind of music I play over and over in the beginning of my sets" says Erik visiting us today. Don't miss the show tomorrow where you'll be able to hear some new exclusive remixes for the first time ever. Burned CD just got out of the oven and into Erik's hands...

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Mr Vegas Under Me Sensi Grant Phabao Remix

Mr Vegas feat. Alozade & Hollow Point - Under Me Sensi (Grant Phabao Remix)

The Grant Phabao recipe : Take a smokin' dancehall hit, a true ganja song. Remove the instrumental crust, usually a digital riddim without much musicanship in it. Take the vocal part and dress it carefully with a brand new 70's reggae skanking riddim, with Jamaican heavy drumming and delicate percussions, guitar licks and melodious organ chords. Don't hesitate to spread a good slice of breaks into the beats. Leave it to rest for a few months. The final cooking part consist in a few days of getting that huge booming sound that goes with reggae. Spice with bits of echo and delay. And finally, don't forget to serve the resulting classic herb tune with an already fired-up big bammy!

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Jon Kennedy We Milk Life But Skank Smooth Grant Phabao Remix

Jon Kennedy - We Milk Life But Skank Smooth (Grant Phabao Remix)

Jon Kennedy learned to play the drums at the age of 12 or 13 and started to record his own crazy tracks on a 4 track straight away.. Before that he was listening to War Of The Worlds OST and my brothers rock music, strumming along to them on his guitar, Jimi Hendrix, AC/DC, Kiss etc. After 3 really cool trip-hop-like albums on Tru Thoughts and Grand Central Records, he'll release a new album, "14", this summer on Organik Recordings. Expect Rock, Hip Hop, Soul, Funk... all of a heavy nature from the drum perspective. This skanking (and exclusive) Grant Phabao remix takes a song from his previous "Useless Wooden Toys" album into Jamaican territories. The Bristol beatmaster dressed with dreads... Enjoy!

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Q-Tip Work It Out Grant Phabao Remix

Q-Tip - Work It Out (Grant Phabao Remix)

For those left who don't know who the guy is, Q-Tip is a former member of the famous hip hop band A Tribe Called Quest. He's just released a new solo album, which is quite good even for some major company shit. He'll be playing in Paris on March, 9th at l'Elysee Montmartre, but the show is already sold out. If you haven't got your ticket already then you haven't been ripped of 44€ (yes you've read it: 44 fucking Euros). We're kind enough to appease any hyped feelings of yours with a free and exclusive remix of the single Q-Tip had released just before his "Renaissance" album. It's called "Work It Out" and was only available as a promo 12 inch released in 2007. Now here's the Grant Phabao reggae remix - another instant neo-retro classic, as if recorded decades ago at Studio One in Jamaica...

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Diesler vs Laura Vane vs Grant Phabao

Diesler vs Laura Vane vs Grant Phabao - Welcome To Hellmouth

Diesler (Tru Thoughts/Freestyle/Social Beats) will release on Feb 23 a compilation of remixes, "Tracks On The Rocks". Here's and extra EXCLUSIVE remix not included in the CD, a meeting of the minds with french reggae master Grant Phabao and soulsensational singer Laura Vane. Erik Rug has been hammering the track in his WaxGroove parties in Paris for months already, with great response from the crowds... PS : Be back on March 22nd for a Paris DJs Soundsystem presents Laura Vane mix...

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AC DC Let There Be Rock Grant Phabao Remix

AC/DC - Let There Be Rock (Grant Phabao remix)

"Let There Be Rock" is an AC/DC classic from 1977. Here's the remodeled Grant Phabao version from 2009: Light... Sound.. Drums... Guitar... Rock... REGGAE!

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Erykah Badu Honey Grant Phabao Remix

Erykah Badu - Honey (Grant Phabao remix)

The recent soul/hip hop classic "Honey" by Erykah Badu gets the Grant Phabao reggae rework treatment to make it an instant reggae soul classic, sounding as if it was an original recorded 30 years ago in Kingston and the 9th Wonder production was the remix...

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Stevie Wonder vs Grant Phabao uptight

Stevie Wonder vs Grant Phabao - Uptight

A few months ago we received some bootleg MP3s of Grant Phabao riddims that had leaked on the p2p, credited to the 'Booty Smash Soundsystem'. It's probably the same guys who sent us a copy of this glorious 7 inch, for which they said "only 100 copies were pressed, in Jamaica"... Stevie's magic voice on Phabao's 'new vintage' 70s reggae production works so well we decided to share this track with you - Reggae Soul at its best!

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Shapes Compilation 2008 Vol 1

Alice Russell - Humankind (Grant Phabao tuff 'n uff skank starring The Lone Ranger) [Tru Thoughts Shapes compilation 08:01]

Another exclusive treat on this CD is the killer Grant Phabao remix of Alice Russell’s "Humankind” which is destined to become a firm favourite this summer, with spine-tingling vocals and the trademark Grant Phabao magic.

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