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Grant Phabao The Lone Ranger The Iphone Connection

Grant Phabao presents The Lone Ranger - The Iphone Connection

The iPhone Connection song is a tribute to the co-founder and CEO of Apple who lost his battle with pancreatic cancer...

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Down By The River Side Hard 2 Find vol 2

Down By The River Side - Hard 2 Find Vol.2 Mixtape

Free mixed version of the second Colored-Inc. album! Includes Grant Phabao & The Jays "Zion Holy Place (jazz...

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Grant Phabao Soul System

Exclusive Grant Phabao Soul System dj mix for RADIO NOVA

Grant Phabao is now presenting his first live dub mixing experience with the help of long time collaborator DJ The...

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grant phabao lone ranger kulchaklash

Grant Phabao - Kulchaklash (starring Lone Ranger)

Finally! GRANT PHABAO has travelled from Kingston, Jamaica, to New York, USA, and Paris, France, to unleash this marvelous reggae album featuring the raw talents of LONE RANGER, RAY I, DANNY DREAD...

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TIMEC Electronic Bossa and Psychedelic Soul Samba

T.I.M.E.C. - Electronic Bossa & Psychedelic Soul Samba

"I see T.I.M.E.C. and their really incredible melting-pot of latinized electronics as the cheesy Ninja Tune of Brazil" (J. Smithson, Professor of Brazilian & Afro-Cuban musicology, Yale...

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Seven Dub Rock With Me

Seven Dub - Rock With Me

"It Doesn't Matter (African Daughter mix) feat. Lone Ranger & Angelique" was recorded by Grant Phabao at Paris DJs' studios....

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Timec To Relax

T.I.M.E.C. - Time(c) To Relax

Pollution, stress, anguish, life is harder and harder on your nerves... In order to cure these nervous problems, the Détendu Laboratories have selected for you the cream of electro down-tempo (also...

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TIMEC CDs are available!


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Bruno Casties Trio - Kind Of Miles

Jazz guitar album (re)mastered by Grant Phabao....

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TIMEC Noelectro

T.I.M.E.C. - Noëlectro

Gathered around the Christmas tree, the T.I.M.E.C. artists have worked on a very hot album! You'll find all your favourite characters: the donkey, the ox, the reindeers, the Turkey, and baby Jesus…...

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grant phabao lone ranger kulchaklash

Track-by-track commentary of the Kulchaklash album

Kulchaklash track-by-track commentary with Lone Ranger. "It's a wicked album. This a first one. Many more coming, original <strong>Phabao</strong> style, but better!"<br />...

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the lone ranger

Lone Ranger interview (conducted by Djouls)

The Kulchaklash concept-album is very good. This is the <strong>Lone Ranger </strong>going back to some original flavours, recreating the original rub-a-dub vibe flowing... The artwork is...

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TINO ROSSO Who Said Bizzaw

Tino Rosso - Who Said Bizzaw ?

TINO ROSSO, the world-famous cousin of GINO ROSSI is aiming for the weird. From the minimal clicks of "Bizzaw" to the crazy beats of "Padap" and the madness from "Doin' the...

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THE JOSLYNS Meet The Joslyns

The Joslyns - Meet The Joslyns

Very rough, the Spontex scrub sponge has definitely nothing to do with The Joslyns. This Parisian quintet coming from every sides of the city has the soft tender feel of nicely combed Peter Rabbit....

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nuit blanche ARTE

Arte - Nuit Blanche

"Une Nuit Blanche à Paris" (26:00) - Alexandre Foks et Cédric Piccino - Mairie de Paris - Arte - 2004. Music by Grant Phabao...

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The Lone Ranger - Dub Salvador Vol.1&2

This Grant Phabao mix was made available on p2p networks way back in september 2004, one year before the launch of

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The Mighty Blunts - The Mighty Blunts

THE MIGHTY BLUNTS are, simply put, the kings of rare dub. As in "rare groove", but with dub. Reggae and dub. Don't forget the rum & weed material when you visit THE MIGHTY BLUNTS! 3...

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Captain Detendu Ile de la Detentation

Captain Détendu - L'Ile De La Détentation

Who's more relaxed than CAPTAIN DETENDU? The king of lounge is aiming for chill, sex and lazy beats, and no-one can beat him at this game. Co-produced by Grant Phabao....

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john dvdr la vie est une plage

John DVDR - La Vie Est Une Plage

John DVDR has nothing in common with a Rewritable DVD. He's a "world-groove" live artist you cannot classify. Check the extract from his world tour culminating on the Shoka Apu beach in...

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Myster K and The Fabulous The New Eclectic Guitar Saound

Myster K - The New Eclectic Guitar Saound

"Man, this is the f***ing new eclectic guitar saound from MYSTER K! You can trust me, SKINNY ELVIS, my job is to check the f***ing futuristic sounds of jazz guitar electronics, and that guy's got...

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The Cheesewursts - Floating

This deep collection of ambient grooves will make you feel like you're up there in outer space. Moody, mesmerizing, magic, very very deep and a bit dub on the side... This EP is an unmissable...

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drugs a prescription for mis america remixes remix

Drugs - The Man (The Mighty Blunts Remix)

The Mighty Blunts remix of The Man, produced by Grant Phabao, unreleased yet....

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POPSANOVA Nao Vem Que Nao Tem

Popsanova - Nao Vem Que Nao Tem (Tu Veux Ou tu Veux Pas?) (The Joslyns & The Mighty Blunts Remixes)

This brazilian cover of Wilson Simonal's "Nao Vem Que Nao Tem" (as featured in the movie "City Of God") sets the stage of a brand new style: tropical jerk, a tasty cocktail of...

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