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Grant Phabao new remix & 12" coming soon on LDT

Les Disques du Telegraphe
Grand Phabao (Timec) is joining the crew...
The french dub meister is actually remixing 'Storm' (LDT003).
His roots reggae version will be included on L'aroye & Ky 'Storm' Carribean remixes EP (LDT006 - scheduled for this autumn).
A L'Aroye & Ky 'Storm' latin boogaloo version is also part of this hot hot tropical vibe record.

Grand Phabao's participation to LDT006 remixes EP will announce the future release of his new single on LDT:
LDT007 - Grand Phabao feat. Carlton Livingston, Militant k & Aleena 'Baby i love u dearly'... including a remix by the Dreadless Soldier aka Erik Rug.
We are talking roots reggae and dub here. Fans of King Tubby, Lee Scratch Pervert Perry or The Scientist. This is for you.
Exclusive on Les Disques du Telegraphe.(later in 2007)

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Grant Phabao

Author: Grant Phabao

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