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Kojak - Stupid Jack (Grant Phabao remix)

kojak sound system
Various - Kojak Sound System
(2xCD) Pro-Zak Trax/Barclay 5494932, 2000-11-21

CD2 includes Kojak - Stupid Jack (Grant Phabao remix), unavailable anywhere else!

Tracklisting CD1
01. Personnal Part 1 - Dj Vas
02. Political Proverbs - Da Grassroots
03. On Wax - Beyond There
04. Mass Appeal - Gangstarr
05. 10 Ans Dage - Pépé Bradock
06. Get It Toghether - J 88
07. Personnel Part II - Dj Vas
08. Starseed Travellers - Disciiples Of Discipline
09. Nautilus - Bob James
10. The Enemy - Dj Premier
11. Pas Le Temps Detre Sentimental - Dj Vas
12. Oregano Flow (Gumbosoup Mix) - Digital Underground
13. Discipline 99 - Quasimoto
14. Winter In America - Gil Scott-Heron
15. Ghetto Heaven - Common
16. Western Eyes - Portishead
17. Headz Still Aint Ready - Dj Vadim
18. Peraonnel Part III - Dj Vas
19. Ennemis - Dj Vas & Jimmy

Tracklisting CD2
01. Whats Your Number (Jazzanova Renumber) - Ian Pooley
02. The Ghetto - Pascal Pioux
03. The Call - Dogs Biscuit
04. Stupid Jack (Grant Phabao Remix) - Kojak
05. Soul Unit (I Cube Rhum And Space Mix) - Kojak
06. Starlight - Model 500
07. Movin On - Teddy G
08. Watcha Perrita - J Grau
09. You Cant Stop It (Gregoire Remix) - Kojak
10. The Sound - Callahans
11. Roaches (Peace Division Remix) - Trancesetters
12. Moon Raker - Foremost Poets
13. Everybody Wants A Toy (Reason To Kill Mix) - Kojak

The Kojak remix by Grant Phabao is exclusive to this double CD. It will also appear later on the "After The Dub" compilation.
Grant Phabao

Author: Grant Phabao

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