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Seven Dub - Rock It Tonight

seven dub rock it tonight
Seven Dub
Rock It Tonight
(2xLP/CD) Pro-Zak Trax 1998-05
(2xCD) Echo Beach EB031, 1999

Engineered by Grant Phabao, Prince Emmanuel & Seven Dub (Byl + Guillaume)
Mixed at Pro-Zak studio by Seven Dub & Prince Emmanuel assisted by Grant Phabao

Tracklisting CD1
01. Mélo
10. Nuclear Interlude
11. Waiting
12. Naturally
13. P. Dub
02. Rock It Tonight
03. Chateau Rouge
04. Run For Cover
05. Lego
06. Land Of The Lost
07. Tubby's Ghost
08. Rainy Day
09. Science

Tracklisting CD2
01. Rockit Tonight (House Mix by Alëem & Seven Dub)
02. Run For Cover (Erik Rug Remix)
03. Science (House Mix by Prince Emmanuel & Seven Dub)
04. Run For Cover (FMR Mix by Prince Emmanuel & Seven Dub)
05. Run For Cover (Radio Edit by Prince Emmanuel & Seven Dub)
06. Rockit Tonight (Dub Mix by Prince Emmanuel & Seven Dub)
07. Lego (Blues Mix by Prince Emmanuel & Seven Dub)
08. Land Of The Lost (RMX Mix by Prince Emmanuel & Seven Dub)

Paris based Seven Dub have made quite a reputation for themselves in the last two years as a dance act. In particular their various sampling contributions have added to their cachet. Whether on Hifi Dub Sessions Vol. 1 (released on Chicago's remarkable house label Guidance), on the exquisite sampler King Size Dub Vo. 5 (Echo Beach), or on the Midnight Snack Sampler (New York's Naked Music) - Seven Dub delight with a most modern mix of house, jazz, dub and an unerring feel for all that is groovy. When they signed three years ago on Paris label PRO-ZAK, Patrick Bylebyl and Guillaume Metenier already had been active for several years as musicians for Babylon Fighters and Les Satellites. Even then they had cultivated their predilection for black music. Which is the reason why they lent a helping hand as studio musicians to Paris based Jalal Nurridin and his mates of the legendary first US rap band Last Poets, during production of the Scatterap/Home album. In the meantime they have become sought-after session musicians throughout France and earned respect all-around with memorable remixes (Femi Kuti, Manu Dibango, Silent Poets). Their debut "Rock It Tonight" is now released for the first time in Germany, including all the remixes on a bonus CD. The band themselves talk about a journey into inspiration, where pure roots rhythms meet technology - analog and digital technology join mellow, harmonious and precise arrangements. RapperJalal and Angelique Wilkie with her soulful voice are featured as guest vocalists - with Angelique Wilkie being more than just a guest on the CD's highlights, such as Rainy Day, Rock It Tonight or Run For Cover; listen to these or to Land Of Lost and you will agree: a most excellent first release.
Grant Phabao

Author: Grant Phabao

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