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Tino Rosso - Who Said Bizzaw ?

TINO ROSSO Who Said Bizzaw
Tino Rosso
Who Said Bizzaw ?
(12") TIMEC073, 2004-11

Tracklisting :
A1 Tino Rosso - Bizzaw
A2 Tino Rosso - Padap
B1 Dj Guarana & Tino Rosso - Doin' The Merry
B2 Tino Rosso - Pianolude
B3 Dj Guarana & Tino Rosso - Doin' The Merry (reprise)

Info :
Minimal clicks'n'cuts fashioned in a kick-ass laidback groove.

Press Release :
Tino Rosso, le mondialement célèbre cousin de Gino Rossi, vise le bizarre. Les clics minimaux sur ambiances maximisées de "Bizzaw" risquent de rendre dingue les dancefloors en mal de nouveautés. "Bon, alors, on plane, on danse ou on va boire un coup?". Tino Rosso est comme Tina: "Simply the best".
TINO ROSSO, the world-famous cousin of GINO ROSSI is aiming for the weird. From the minimal clicks of "Bizzaw" to the crazy beats of "Padap" and the madness from "Doin' the Merry", TINO ROSSO is just like TINA: "Simply the best".

Biographie :
Cousin de Gino Rossi

Tino Rosso : all instruments
Production : Grant Phabao
Photo : Laurent Askienazy
Layout/A&R : Djouls
Grant Phabao

Author: Grant Phabao

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